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Sky Ball 2014

Dear Pro-Am dancers!!!

The format and conditions of Sky Ball Pro-Am Championship 2014 has been changed!

Unfortunately there is a lot of different false information about Ukraine at the moment and this situation forced the organizers to postpone the arrival of the legendary orchestra Ross Mitchell and his band to the next year and also to change venue of this year Sky Ball Pro-Am Championship.

Now you will have an opportunity to perform on the beautiful 400m ² dance floor and enjoy competitive and at the same time warm and friendly atmosphere of the 6th International Festival «Zerkalnaya Struya 2014". Two days competition will give you an opportunity to show best dance in each category and become a part of outstanding enchanting evening shows!


This event will be judged by specialists from many countries around the world such as England, USA, Italy, France, Germany, Lithuania, Serbia, Israel and others. Chairman of the Sky Ball Pro-Am Championship 2014 will be one of the best specialist in this area Vytautas Duknauskas (Lithuania), who will monitor all the regulations of event.

In this economically unstable time we want to support Ukrainian couples very much! That is why all Pro-Am entry fees are reduced by 30%!


At the moment life in Kharkov is very peaceful. People are busy with normal everyday life: shops and offices are working, children are going to school and of course to dance lessons and perform at the competitions. So you can prepare yourself for the trip to the biggest Championship in Ukraine.

Looking forward to see you 26-27 of April in the wonderful Kharkov city at the Sky Ball Pro-Am Championship 2014!



Gennadiy Khavkin


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