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Dear Friends and Colleagues!

All of you are coaches, judges, experienced professionals and just beginning teachers. Of course when you at the competition you are expecting comfortable conditions, worthy payment and respect from organizer. I know that very well as I am a coach and a judge for over 25 years.

I know that many dancers spend more than 20 hours per week in ballroom and sacrifice their free time – they are literally putting everything on dancing. That dancers are expecting from organizers to have judges of highest quality, the best conditions and clear timetable for the tournament. I know that very well because I was competing for 14 years of my life.

I'm also sure that as a parents of young talented dancers you want to come on the competition and feel warm atmosphere of holiday, without any worries and have the best place to see your child dancing. Why am I so sure about that? Because my daughter was fond of Kung Fu about 6 years and I also went to the competition as a parent.

At some point I noticed that many people are disappointed after ballroom dance competitions. Usually it is connected with bad organization and delays. And later on it became clear to me: the main reason is that person who is important for me didn't make a final. I think as a grown ups we have to understand first place is only one and majority of dancers won't receive it. And I really hope that next time you will come to competition not only with the excellent preparation and desire to win, but also with the understanding that your couple may just be unlucky today.

So why am I writing all of this?

As you know during the competition not only the champion is identified but also there is a high risk for many people to get a bad mood, state of aggression or depression. That is why I decided to give you some guaranties:

  • I GUARANTEE that everything what will be written in entry forms of “Siluet” dance club and TM “RichArt” (series of tournaments “Kharkov GP” and “Zerkalnaya Struya” dance festival) will be under my strict control;
  • I GUARANTEE that that all incidents of unfair judging would be thoroughly considered by the chairman, Kharkov regional branch of UDSA or Kharkov Dance Union in the manner prescribed by the rules of the competition;
  • I GUARANTEE that in case of rough nonobservance of competition rules, you will be returned the charity entry fee in full;
  • And also I GUARANTEE that you will have only warm atmosphere of sport and holiday on our competitions!

But in order to make this all come true I need your help as well. On the day of competition usually there are 200 – 400 people in a ballroom at a time. And each of us has to be aware his own duties and do what we are here for. In the end this way everybody will be satisfied and happy.

I wish you to Win!

Gennadiy Khavkin

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